Saturday, March 11, 2017

Five Ways To Use Top Torrent Sites

Torrent sites are more popular than ever. Because of this and for many other reasons users are looking to find ways in which to use torrent sites anonymously. Users are looking to hide their identities and IP addresses than ever before. There are many services which you can use to combine in sync with using torrent sites. Here are five services that can use when downloading and using torrent sites to become an anonymous user.

  1. VPN

VPN is a sure and safe way to ensure your privacy while using torrent sites. They charge only a few dollars a month but they route all your internet traffic through their servers. This is what you are paying for. Your IP address is then hidden from the public. There are some VPN plans which are free where you don’t have to pay. Saying that, these are slower and aren’t suited to users who download torrents on a regular basis.

This is unlike any other service in this list because VPN doesn’t just cover torrent sites but covers all your internet traffic. Their site is easy to use and if this is the first time you are using a service like this in combination with a torrent site, you will find instructions are clear and navigation easy.

  1. BT Guard

BT Guard is actually known as a proxy service. This is a service which effectively hides your IP address. This is one service which is compatible with all devices including Mac, Windows and even Linux. This service was originally designed with torrent users in mind and has reached out to other areas ever since. This service comes free of charge and is well recommended in the torrent world. BT Guard also have tunnel encryption software available for those that want some extra security.

Their website is easy to use and you can check all the in’s and out’s through their easy to read FAQ’s. This is a site you can trust in combination with torrent sites when it comes to hiding who and where you are.

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  1. Torrent Privacy

Torrent privacy is again known as a proxy service. This is similar to the previous service on our list. The only difference is this site has already partnered up with a torrent site so basically all the hard work is already done. All you need to do is go ahead and start searching for your torrent.

The only disadvantage to this service it is limited to Windows users only. As of yet they haven’t upgraded their platform to work with Linux and Mac users. This is a reliable service to use because they have been operating for more than two years. They have got amazing reviews and it seems users are satisfied with using this in a combination of various torrent sites.


Anomos works on a more complicated system. This is actually an encrypted file to file distribution protocol. If this is all a bit technical for you then think of it like this. It hides your IP address and identity by using a peer tracker in combination with onion routing. As well as the extra encryption you can be sure no-one will know who you are or where you are.

This is a free service to use which is why it appeals to many torrent users. The one disadvantage this service has is that it isn’t fully compatible with all torrents as of yet. They are constantly upgrading their service and everyday it is getting better. This service also will lower your download speed but then we suppose, you can’t have it all.

  1. Seedbox

The last on our list is Seedbox. This is another popular option that torrent users prefer to use. This is a very highly powered server which re-routes your torrent traffic. This service is specifically used for torrent downloads and torrent downloads only. The major plus to using this service is the download speed isn’t affected. This is a simple service to use and is recommended for beginners. Their website is easy to understand and even the beginners will get the hang of using it quickly. This also supports most available torrents. For more update visit here.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Watch Movies Online with Free Movie Streaming sites

Watch movies online with the help of free movie streaming sites is the best entertainment solution. People often search free entertainment stuff over the internet. Here I have listed top as well as best movies websites for you. These sites have everything for you. Furthermore, these are the global free entertainment and enjoyment awesome source. You can get every type of movies, shows and other entertainment stuff from all over the world.

People love to watch movies online streaming sites are best for them. They can get various verities of movies as well as movies trailers instantly.  If you love to watch comedy movies, these streaming websites have huge free comedy movies. People that love to watch action movies. They can also get huge number of free action movies. Movie lovers often love to watch romance and also love movies. No problem. These online streaming platforms have every type of love as well as romance movies. Each streaming website has all features tagging for movie and shows. Comedy, action, thrills, fantasy, family, horror, adventure, love, romance, top movies, hit movies are categorized separately.

In addition, people can approach global free entertainment stuff instantly with movie websites. This is the modern age of internet world. Thus, people can get everything at their laptop screen. Even people can watch the other countries movies, TV shows and enjoyment program instantly. As a result, distance doesn’t matter. People globally can enjoy Hollywood and also Bollywood movies at home instantly. Now people watch movies online at home with just browsing free streaming sites.

There are many movies websites that provide free streaming. Some sites provide one month free trial after the trial users have to pay small amount of monthly bill. It’s up-to-you what type of service you what to get. However free movie streaming websites are best for entertainment in free timing. If you can get free stuff why to pay for entertainment. Therefore I also watch movies online through free movie sites. These online entertaining platforms have every type of free entertainment movies, shows and much more. The good thing is that they have advanced streaming service with high quality interface. As a result, people globally can enjoy their favorite movies without disturbance.

USupdates website is a wonderful source for getting the list of top and best movie streaming sites. Here you can get world top collection of movies websites and also free streaming platforms. The USupdates site has top internet stuff collections for you. Therefore you can get top streaming platform and also top downloading movies sources. If your internet speed is slow then I recommend the downloading websites. You can download every type of movies, shows and also other heavy stuff. Thus, family entertainment and enjoyment has become very easy. You have multiple choices for family enjoyment.

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Movie lovers and people from all over the world can watch movies online at one time. Free movie streaming sites also have Hollywood, Bollywood new and also old history movies for everybody. You can watch your favorite movies instantly at your home or anywhere. Most of these websites also have the facility of mobile free movie apps facility. Thus, users can also enjoy favorite movies on mobiles.